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Hello World!

Hi Everyone!

Today is a big day for me. I am officially launching the new look

The first thing you’ll notice is most of the content is gone. Well until now I had been using many customized WordPress themes you generally purchase on sites like Themeforest etc.

This new site is completely coded by me, save the _s template which saves hundreds of hours of WordPress file setup. You should definitely check it out and use it if you are going to make your own WordPress theme.

I will slowly re-introduce all the stuff you came here for before, this is mainly the iOS theme related things such as Icon Requests, and theme overviews. Give or take a few weeks and the site should return to normal content-wise. There may be some broken links out there. I will endeavour to fix those also.

Also remember, I write in British English, so you may see spelling errors where I don’t see them!

Until next time…